Chinese Chili Garlic Oil

In our family Chinese Chilli Garlic Oil is one of all time favourite things. It simply great with almost any kind of food: salads, pizza, dumplings, rice, fritters and etc. This Chinese Chilli Garlic Oil have absolutely ultimate flavor especially because it is infused with spices. That is the key why it is so easy…

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Salmon with wild and brown rice and vegetables

Everybody in our family love fish. Especialy salmon. The best combination to salmon are vegetables: bell peppers, carrot, onion and tomatoes. When you cook it using this recipe you can see that fish will have soft creamy texture and nutty juicy flavor.

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Vegetable salad with fennel

Now it’s Saturday and we want to make something tasty, but light and nutritious. So that’s why we chose this vegetable combination. This salad is so healthy, with juicy flavors, rich of vitamins and it will give you more powers for the whole day.
Try it!

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