Saffron and carrot syrup

Well, we think before that “sweet carrot syrup” sounds very strange and we have no idea that you can make it home. However when we did this syrup and added a little bit of red greek saffron we gained a gorgeous combination of carrot juicy flavor and very deep saffron aroma. And, to be honest, this syrup is amazing. It can perfeclty goes with jellies, panacotta, creams and you can use it for greasing cakes and cupcakes.

Hope that you will like it! 

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Mango and avocado salad with pomegranate and cheddar

This kind of salad you can serve for any holiday. To make it cut and put all ingredients in separate plastic containers with lid and store them in refrigerator. Do not forget to drizzle sliced avocado with lemon juice and put it in plastic storage box with stone.

Then you should prepare sauce and cool it at room temperature. Toast nut into a frying pan without oil. It is recommended to chop herbs and lettuce leaves right before salad serving.

Make salad right before the arrival of the guests and serve it with nuts and prepared sauce.

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