Matcha & Strawberry Crepe Cake | Valentines Day recipe

It’s almost 14 of February – St. Valentine’s Day – the biggest holiday for lovers. Sometimes when we love we want to make something very special for our family or our lovers. And I think that is the best way to show our love is to make tasty things like cookies, sweets or cakes. Today we are sharing with you this very simple, easy – to – make and AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS cake – Matcha crepe cake.

The nice blend of flavors and soft texture make it perfect as light ending of dinner or a good addition for tea. I totally recommended it cause the taste is really good and it looks pretty so you can make a super cool gift for your special person.

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How to make Asian Style Salad

My family loves Asian culture especially the Asian cuisine. The unique blend of flavors, spice mixes and variety of dishes makes me feel so excited when I cook some meals like that. However, my daughter and I like spicy food and this Asian style salad which recipe I made by myself one of our favorite dished.

This recipe combines all basic components like vegetables, mixture of spices and Asian regular sauces and oils. Asian style salad you can serve with rice, potatoes or as independent dish. Please enjoy! Continue reading “How to make Asian Style Salad”

Brown basmati rice and wild rice with mushrooms, green beans and leek

Well, we guess that it’s time to give some relax to our body after holidays and eat something easy, tasty and healhty – Brown basmati rice and wild rice with mushrooms, green beans and leek.

My family is a huge fan or rice and I think that it’s probably because we appreciate Asian cuisine so sometimes we make such kind of meals and I think that’s will be great if you cook this too. It is a really nice combination or brown basmati and wild rice with mushrooms, fresh green beans and leek. I said “fresh” and it’s might to be a reason cause we always bought vegetables on fruit market. Hope that you will enjoy this meal!

Bon Appetite!

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