Easy Plum Jam

Today we make something delicious – Plum jam with cranberry tea, vanilla and candied oranges. This jam is perfectly goes with chocolate pancakes, freshly baked buns, vanilla panna cotta, banana ice cream and scones. If you do not have candied oranges replace them with other kinds of candied fruits or just simply cook without them.…

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Marshmallows with nuts and dried fruits

Hello everyone!
Today we going to make something special – marshmallows with crunchy nuts and dried fruits and loukoumi. They are so tasty with delicate flavor and nutty flavor. However, with chocolate its taste even better)
Try them cause they are incredible!

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Salad with baked figs

Let’s prepare a stunning yummy salad with amazing flavor. My children like to eat baked figs with different kind of filling. Sometimes I use a nuts, berries and honey. Try it. It’s really delicious.

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Vegetarian banana ice cream

Super delicious recipe of vegetarian ice cream with bananas, nuts, dried fruit and godji berries. Healthy, tasty and nutritious.

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Chocolate granola bars

Healthy chocolate granola bars with nuts and dried fruits. Suitable for vegetarians. Sounds so yummy~

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