Flower Blossom Cheesecake

This dish is very special mostly because of its unique and very delightful appearance and versatile flavor. Flower blossom cheesecake is a perfect combination of rich creamy filling and sweet rose wine jelly on top.   For the top layer you can use not only the flowers but also berries and fruits. We think that…

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Perfect vegetable salad

Sometimes our body need healthy, easy and tasty food like salads with vegetables or fruits. Today we show you how to make Perfect vegetable salad which can help you to get all necessary vitamins, micro elements and energy for the whole day. And, of course, it’s very simple and quick to make this salad. Enjoy!

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Easy homemade pizza

Hello guys!
I am Daniel. I am 17 y. o. I made this pizza for you and decide to share this recipe with everyone because it is super easy, super tasty and fast to make.

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Strawberry salad with spinach

At the end of strawberry season we decide to prepare tasty and juicy salad with these lovely berries, fresh spinach (I like it very much), vegan Parmesan, which I found in store and toasted pecans and walnuts. This salad have useful internal – it provide us a big stock of energy for the whole day. I have recommended to eat this dish for breakfast or lunch. It super delicious and healthy.

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Salad with baked figs

Let’s prepare a stunning yummy salad with amazing flavor. My children like to eat baked figs with different kind of filling. Sometimes I use a nuts, berries and honey. Try it. It’s really delicious.

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Bread with black olives

Amazing and easy recipe of homemade bread.

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