Breakfast toasts

Yesterday I baked delicious bread. Amazingly tasty, with. pleasant aroma and nice chewy texture. And what is the best idea how to use it? Make some simple Breakfast Toasts! When I want to make something delicious but do it in few minutes, I usually use such recipes as this one. It is fast, easy, don’t…

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Salmon with wild and brown rice and vegetables

Everybody in our family love fish. Especialy salmon. The best combination to salmon are vegetables: bell peppers, carrot, onion and tomatoes. When you cook it using this recipe you can see that fish will have soft creamy texture and nutty juicy flavor.

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Spicy rice noodles

My daughter likes Asian food so much, because it spicy and savory. Therefore, I decide to make this meal for her. She was happily surprised. Now I want to share this recipe with you, my lovely readers.

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