Easy Plum Jam

Today we make something delicious – Plum jam with cranberry tea, vanilla and candied oranges. This jam is perfectly goes with chocolate pancakes, freshly baked buns, vanilla panna cotta, banana ice cream and scones.
If you do not have candied oranges replace them with other kinds of candied fruits or just simply cook without them. I promise you that you will enjoy it!

Easy Plum Jam
Serves 3
Delicious plum jam. Perfectly goes with scones and buns.
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  1. 1 kg and 200 gr of plums
  2. 100 ml of orange and mandarin juice
  3. 3 tbsp. of cranberry tea
  4. 250 gr of candied oranges
  5. 2 limes or lemons
  6. 1 kg of organic sugar
  7. 50 ml of Zinfandel rose wine
  8. Vanilla pod
  1. Firstly, let’s make vanilla sugar. Put sugar into plastic container. Add vanilla pod and close container with plastic lid. Place it in cold and dry place for 2 to 3 days.
  2. Vanilla sugar is done and you can use it for baking, sauces and jams.
  3. The rest method view in video.
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