Salmon steak with vegetable salad and cauliflower

Who doesn’t love salmon? I don’t find someone who doesn’t appreciate this fish and don’t eat such delicious meals with it. However, if somebody asked me: “What kind of fish is my favorite?”, I will honestly have answered: “Salmon”. Yes, that’s right. I choose this fish not only because it has a very delicious taste…

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Fried sea bass with caramelized vegetables and pear

Let’s cook one of delicious meals – fried sea bass with caramelized vegetables and pear. It very quick and super easy recipe and I think that the taste of this dish was in asian cuisine style. Hope that you will like it!

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Steamed seabass with vegetables

Hello everyone! It’s Nelly)
Today was pretty cold and I decide to make something special, healthy and tasty for my children. I take some very delicious and nutritious vegetables like carrot, potato and broccoli and fish with very creamy and light texture – seabass. I think that it is a best combination for steaming especially with hot chili and lemon sauce.

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Salmon with wild and brown rice and vegetables

Everybody in our family love fish. Especialy salmon. The best combination to salmon are vegetables: bell peppers, carrot, onion and tomatoes. When you cook it using this recipe you can see that fish will have soft creamy texture and nutty juicy flavor.

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