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  • Vegan Peach Panna Cotta

    15.09.2019 by

    Summer is already finished but we still can enjoy wonderful summer desserts like Vegan Peach Panna Cotta. This dessert is something special. Velvety smooth coconut cream base made of rich full fat coconut milk with a hint of vanilla scent and sweet fruity jelly with agar powder and fresh juicy peaches. As a base for… Read more

  • Vegan Chocolate Cake

    11.09.2019 by

    Tasty vegan dessert recipe – Vegan Chocolate Cake without baking. You can make it in several minutes and then enjoy the most delicious chocolate dessert ever!  This Vegan Chocolate Cake have strong & rich chocolate flavor and incredible smooth silky texture. It feels like it melts in your mouth. Such dessert you can serve with… Read more

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