About us


The authors and inspirers of this project are Nelly and her two youngest children.

Nelly, mom of four children – a creative person, who likes to create something, write books, draw and cook. All her time she spends with her children.

However, it was not always so.

She started to do business when she was 25 years old. She created fashion clothes design, new brands and work places for disabled and young people, helped destitute people.
Once she had an apoplexy and the life was stopped. Several years of rehabilitation, partial memory loss and it seemed that a not very happy ending is near.

But one day she woke up, got up from her knees and started a new life.

During many years Nelya collected the materials for three volume book, which she planned to publish and give as a gift to her children. She always excellently cooks and can make a masterpiece using sev-eral ingredients.
She started to study again to see the beauty of the surrounding world, started to draw, write books and take photos. Nelya wrote three books and now she is working with a new book for vegetarians and for persons who choose to work hard, rejoice life and enjoy every moment of life.

Now two members in her family are vegetarians and that’s why Nelly and her children create a new book for vegetarians and people, who choose to work hard, enjoy the life and every moment of their life.

Nataly – the youngest daughter, blogger, artist and novice writer. She is a very talanted and curious person, who creates great pictures, fashion designs, especially evening dresses.
She likes to learn everything since her childhood and draw incredible things. She drew everywhere – on the leather furniture, wallpapers, in mom’s diary, who when she came to conference found out that she couldn’t see her plans, because they were covered by pictures of the cartoon heroes and princesses in dresses.

She started to learn how to take photos when she was in school and now she is improving her skills. She likes film photography but she hasn’t learnt it yet but it is in her plans.
She is a person, which you can rely on, because you know that she will never let you down or be late. She always does everything you need. Nataly likes to decorate house, share her happiness with her family, cook and learn everything what she likes.

Daniel is the youngest son in Nelly’s family. He is 17 years old. Daniel is a novice blogger.

He always loves sweets and has never refused mom’s sweet piece.
That is why he gained excess weight. But he pulled himself together, made cardio and strength exer-cises, his food system and ate only healthy products. As a result he lost 45 kg. His weight was 115 kg, now he is 70 kg.

Daniel likes to learn something new. Now his sister and he write an interesting book about wonderful worlds, about good and evil and the good always wins.
He likes to cook too and now he is making a new blog. The purpose of making a blog is to help younger boys and girls to believe in themselves, to share with people his results and teach how to cook simple and healthy meals.

We are very happy if our work helps somebody.
Share happiness and be kind to one another, take care about each other and cook not only with you skills but also with your heart.

We sincerely wish you to love and be loved, because it is the only thing, which fills our life with happiness and gives us a sence to live!!

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